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Preparing Policies and bringing into Practices are the crucial part of HR Operations and Administration activities in organisations, where they find different kinds of challenges. Often the list of policies will be really big, but what is the exact need and importance of the policy and the forms and formats related are not clear. If confusion prevails, those policies are kept aside and the processes are practiced as per their convenience which is not a right practice to get the expected outcome from the workforce.

Moreover, policies, processes and practices make the organizations run smoothly with uniformity throughout without any confusion. Policies provide a clarity to the management, HR personnel and employees too have a systematic approach for different functions and activities.

Here are the list of HR Policies any organization needs to have along with it’s importance and documents, related forms and formats etc.,…

Check if your organizations are having all or any of these. If not, we are there to serve with HR Practices Consulting for your organisation to prepare customised policies, related documents, to create the HR systems and processes and it’s implementation.

For more details please contact us on 8978978967 / 8184897897

List of HR Policies (click here to download the pdf)



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