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5 Strategies for

Effective Performance Management System in 2021

Manage your Performance to Maximize your Results

Sat, 11 Sep 2021 10:30 AM

Strong Why?

Why You Need Performance Management System for Your Company?

A company that successfully executed a performance management system can improve it’s employee morale, increase team productivity, easily measure & track the team performance, and can retain it’s top workers

What Are Those Strategies?

Let’s see the strategies for effective performance management systems for your company

"If You want to win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace"

This is how you can build an Easy Appraisal Process

At the end, you need to calibrate the performance of each individual, Team, and Organization. You need to cap the performance gaps arised due to desired Vs actual outcomes and to follow the course correction

Define the 'Performance' for all job positions in line with company's goals

Finding the performance gaps and defining and executing performance enhancement programs

Fixing calibration mechanism on 'How to measure performance'

Recognize and Reward the performance

Retaining the Talented Resource

Why NRich?

NRich HCM Solutions Pvt Ltd is an exclusive HR Practices Consulting and Services Organization which is founded by an extremely passionate and dedicated HR thought leaders having huge industry expertise.

We not only provide the knowledge sharing, but also help them by being a strong support by giving them career guidance, and help them to build a strong professional network.

All our team members are highly knowledgeable and having more than 200+ years of experience together in the profession, they are well aware of major and minor practical challenges across different HR Functionalities and how to overcome them. This exposure gave them a clear understanding on the gap between the expectations of the management from HRs and the outcomes of HR professionals.

All our Training & Certification programs are supported by Online reference material including video references also, so that participants can access from any corner of the world and get their queries clarified.

As we understand the Globally accepted Industry Best Practices, and practical solutions for different strategic and functional level challenges, and the need of the organization in regard with people management aspects, we designed a set of HR Skills Training and Certification Programs, which can help the participants to understand the real time scenario and get the practical orientation of how to manage different People Management related issues.


We are providing a 24X7 HR Help Desk support for our students even after completing the Certification program, so that they can get the help of industry experts anytime they need while performing their duties also.

We work at individual level & influence at organisation level

Know Your Coach


Ram R Akella

Founder & CEO
NRich HCM Solutions

RAM has more than 16 years of versatile experience in the Human Resources Management that encompassed developing & executing Contemporary HR Systems, Aligning Business Objectives with HR objectives that consistently uncover benefits in business-critical areas such as End customer satisfaction, Productivity enhancement, Talent management, HR Operational excellence, in compliance with ISO & PCMM standards

As a Passion, during his corporate work tenure, RAM has taken up many Training assignments on Soft Skills, Corporate Etiquette, Business Communication Skills and trained more than 1000 corporate Talent work force. He offered guest lectures’ in many educational institutions in topics such as ‘How to develop Employability Skills’, ‘what is perceived as job seriousness’, ‘Individual can influence the work environment’ etc. He presented papers in different podiums & online forums addressing many contemporary HR Challenges and Issues.

He is from IIM, Lucknow done his Executive Program and completed his Masters’ in HRM from Pondicherry University. He is also having another Masters in Foreign Trade Management. He is Trainers’ Trainer, got Trained in NLP, Certified Behavioral Analyst and Certified Behavioral Trainer


RAM is an active member in various & popular HR Communities such as SHRM, NHRD, SHRD, AHRD, ISTD (Indian Society for Training & Development). He also  authored many articles on ‘HR Best practices’. He is in the process of writing a book that will be used as official curriculum by a well-known business school offering Diplomas in HRM/HCM.

Untrained employees take SIX times longer to perform the same task as trained employees


Expert Reviews

This is a place, you are assured to be abreast with recent best HR practices over the globe. I have experienced and charishing the knowledge gained; Thank you NRich !!
Lohitam M
NRich is driven by Best Practices and Powered by the Expertise of Professionals from IIMs and Top B-Schools, to cater the requirements of the clients.
R C Prasad Gummaraju
Great learning experience! Thank you Ram sir and Lavanya mam for putting your efforts and having great patience.
Kana Vijji
I am very happy with the kind of knowledge and support I am getting. I am learning new things everyday. And also they provide life long support for their curriculum
Isha Gulhane
If you want to handle a situation,no matter how large,the first thing you have to do is equip yourself." Their unique approach is making it happen for all the aspiring HRM professionals.
Rajeshwar Reddy
A wonderful Platform to enhance our skills in handling end to end HR gamut. Trainings provided by highly skilled HR professionals.
Anitha Madhuri

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